Monday, June 05, 2006

Frontenac Park: May 27, 2006

Wood Thrush

This was a new bird for my list. He was quite high up but I was able to scope him. Notice the bold white eyering and bold black spots on white underside.

Parasitoid Wasp

This wasp had paralyzed its prey and was taking it to who knows where. We watched it for quite a while as it dragged this spider along the ground. At times he would abandon it and fly a short distance away but soon came back and began to drag it again. I don't know if he ever got it to his destination.

Blandings Turtle

The Blandings is common in certain locations in the Park. We found these turtles on two different ponds on this trip. It is under study in the Park because of its troubled status in the Province.

This was mainly a dragonfly outing and we were not disappointed. We found many different species including the Harlequin Darner, which does not have an official record in Frontenac County according to the Odonate Database.

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