Saturday, January 21, 2006

Apocalypse Now

This morning it was pouring rain. Now, at 1100 hours, it is snowing heavily. The snow is coming down in huge (and I mean HUGE) white fluffy flakes. This afternoon is supposed to be sunny and plus six degrees Centigrade. This is January! This is Canada! What is going on? Its hard to believe that we have another three months to go before the birds begin to return and the mushrooms come up. At least this gives me time to get my camera back up and running. I accidentaly crushed the lens back into the camera when I bent over to look at a bee in the snow. It was so unusual that I wanted to take a picture of it for the blog. After the camera broke I then came across two spiders in the snow. I don't ever remember seeing that before. Well, in the meantime I will continue to try to identify the mushrooms and plants that I took pictures of last season.

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