Monday, January 30, 2006

Leccinum griseum

Lemoine Point, Kingston, Ontario
18 September, 2005

I've tried many times to identify this Bolete, without success. The cap is 80 mm in diameter. The stalk is thick and seemed to be hollow. I didn't get a spore print. You can see from the picture of the pore surface that it seems to stain a yellow/green. I've come across a very interesting book for identifying Boletes: "North American Boletes". Unfortunately it costs $111.95! The purchase of this book would allow me to upgrade my status from hobbyist to amateur Naturalist. While this is appealing there are certain countervailing forces...

(Update 3 February, 2006)
In looking at David Arora's book, Mushrooms Demystified, I believe that this Bolete falls into the Leccinum family. These are rough-stemmed Boletes. You can see in the bottom picture that the stalk is scabrous. Now looking at Bessette, Bessette, and Fischer, Mushrooms of Northeastern North America, and using the key for Leccinum this mushroom seems to key out reasonably to L. griseum: "pores surface white, typically staining greenish then slowly dingy yellow when bruised; cap yellow brown to brown when young, becoming olive-brown to grayish brown at maturity."

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