Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gulls in January

In doing a Technorati search of references to Gulls in blogs during this past month I came across the following entries:

1. In Border's Birds I found a picture of a Black-headed Gull. Border's Birds is a new blog from the UK, "A Diary of the Birds Visiting a Rural Garden in the Scottish Borders." The Bird Woman already has many beautiful pictures of birds posted on the blog.

2. earth home garden is also a new blog that I've discovered through this search. Here is a picture of a California Gull. This is a fascinating blog by a couple that is seeking to live out an ecologically faithful life in a mountain cabin. Beautiful pictures and commentary.

3. Here's a Glaucous Gull over at the Flycatcher, another interesting blog I came across today.

4. A Black-headed Gull in flight over at The Hornet's Nest (Warwickshire, England).

5. Ring-billed Gulls featured at A DC Birding Blog. I discovered this great blog a long time ago (in Blog time, that is).

6. The BBC News reports a rescued Herring Gull that got caught up in a shoplifting drama.

Birding on the Internet! You've got to love it! Still waiting for my camera to be diagnosed and fixed.


The Bird Woman said...

Thanks for your comments. I have linked back to you over at Borders' Birds!

Jim said...

Thank you for visiting Earth Home Garden, and for the nice comments.

Your mushroom photos are beautiful and fascinating. I would like to be able to identify mushrooms myself, because I love mushrooms as food, but have never had the confidence that I might identify the edible ones from the poisonous accurately enough to attempt harvesting them in the wild, so your efforts are of particular interest to me, and I'll heed your advice that you are an amateur in this field. Thanks for that.

I hope you get the camera working soon, or a replacement, I love your photos.

Nice blog!