Friday, October 07, 2005

Yellow Billed Cuckoo

Lemoine Point, Kingston, Ontario

I added two birds to my list yesterday so it was quite an exciting day. I have seen Black Billed Cuckoos at the Point before but never a Yellow Billed. The interesting thing was that I took these pictures and believed I had taken pictures of the Black Billed. It wasn't until I put them up on the computer that I realized what I had. This was a good lesson for me. It helped me to realize that I see what I expect to see and when something slightly different comes along I can miss it. If I hadn't taken the pictures I would have missed it. This is a good lesson in life as well: something new and different comes along but we miss it because we can only see what we expect to see. I need to cultivate more of a sense of expectation as I look out on the world.

The second bird I added to my list yesterday was the Blue Headed Vireo, a striking little bird and a pleasure to watch.


Mike said...

Great post and pictures, Kingfisher! Have you considered submitting this to I and the Bird?

Anonymous said...

Nice capture, good sighting for the Kingston area.
Paul O

Pamela Martin said...

Beautiful shots! Thanks for putting the link on Ontbirds.